Jeff Gulbronson
  • Experience working with Javascript, Python, Ruby, Racket and Java
  • Wrote a compiler for a subset of C using functional paradigms in Racket
  • Have contributed to open-source projects that use technologies such as Backbone.js, Angular, Flask, Node and MongoDB
  • Member of team who won the Microsoft Azure API challenge at Hack The North 2014, with 1000 participants
Software Engineering Intern
Seeq, Seattle
September 2015 - December 2015
  • Gained experience working with Flux Architecture in a large AngularJS app
  • Kept code readable and maintainable using functional paradigms
  • Open sourced a custom rule for the jscs linter. PR here
  • One of 3 employees to help fork and re-release an Angular directive used throughout the app. Source here
Software Engineering Intern
Square Inc, San Francisco
January 2015 - April 2015
  • Worked across teams to expose a new feature through a RESTful API
  • Improved an internal dashboard to help oncall employees
  • Gained valuable experience with test driven development, ensuring all code written is testable and maintainable
Open-source Contributor
UW Flow
April 2014 - Present
  • Used Backbone along with Typeahead.js, Mongo and Flask to build a unified search bar
  • Refactored a Python webcrawler to use an OpenData API, increasing speed and reliability
  • Wrote deploy-blocking Javascript tests to ensure proper parsing of schedules
  • Live code at
Android Developer Intern
Enflick Inc
May 2014 - August 2014
  • Implemented international long distance calling client-side
  • Worked with the design team to complete a UI overhaul of the app, adding multiple themes
  • Ensured all features added are usable in any locale
Past Projects
Hack The North Participant
University of Waterloo
September 2014
  • Worked on a 3-man team to create Marvin the !Paranoid Android, a personal assistant which you could call or text
  • Worked on the Flask server using along with several other API's to implement key functionality
  • Won the Microsoft Azure API prize out of 15 eligible teams
  • Source at